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May 27, 2011

I Am

(Being able to feel deeply, so intensly, is sometimes a curse. There are times it shatters me into thousands of tiny diamond formed pieces. )

I am...

...changing. Each moment is magnified and filling my inner being.

...moving on. Days of confusion, bad memories that stain my soul and age old walls slowly fade.

...dreaming. Of warm ocean breezes, white sandy beaches, a hot summer sky where shades of pink and deep purple embrace the sand. Where the aroma of frangipanis arouse the senses.

...learning. To stay afloat when the cold despair of fear once again begins to drown me into my own darkest depths. To succeed with knowledge and hope. To believe in tomorrow when today seems unreachable and yesterday seems unfair.

...beautiful. Sometimes foolish, a necessary evil, believe's in magic, always loses when holds back, never on time, an experience to the senses, a journey and a moment in time, no longer a reflection of life's regrets.


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