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Aug 16, 2011

Going To Quit Smoking

I am posting there here as I found it on a forum and I want to remind myself when needed. Credit goes to the original poster of this great message!

I know .. I know.. Everyone says.. “oh wait it will get easier”

What a crock!!!!

The truth of the matter in plain English,, and not sparing your feelings// It aint that hard to begin with…
It dose not matter if your on quit day number one or quit day number ten thousand,, it’s the same dam thing
Don’t Smoke!!
Don’t Put things In your Mouth and light then On Fire!!!
it cant get any simpler then that.
The only difference between day one and day one hundred and one
Is you have had one hundred days to learn its Not that hard to Do

I have said before ,, And I stick to it.. Smoking is harder then Not smoking..
The non smoker dose not have to stop each day on there way to work wait in line to give away his money… the non smoker can actually have money at the end of the week to do something relaxing.. where as the smoker is to buzy spending his cash on feeding an addiction.. and for the record. Feeding a baby maybe fun when you first get them home.. after two months and midnights,, it aint all that fun any more… but yet the smoker continues to feed there addiction day after day , year after year, ten . twenty ,, thirty years later
First thing in the morning.. after a meal.. pausing a movie.. take a break and go smoke.. one before bed,, one in the middle of the night if they happen to wake and countless others here and there.And for what?
Oh they say////” It realax’s me.. I enjoy it”.. Yea Right.. Its just balls of fun standing out side in the middle of winter in your freaking PJ’s to have a smoke.
I don’t regret smoking for god knows how long.. I regret being so stupid all thous years.. the thousands upon thousands of dollars blown away in smoke.. all over fear of the unknown,, fear of failure.. or fear of something far worst, Sucsesss . fear I would never get to smoke again.. god to think of this ,, now honestly just makes me sick!!
If I ever get a hankering for a cig.. I would be better off lighting a twenty dollar bill on fire.. and in fact I could light a hundred twenty’s on fire and still come out cheaper..

Its not difficult to quit smoking.. talk to some one dieing from smoking .. Im sure they could let you in on some Info on what is Hard.. think Chemo is a tea party. Oh,, Radiation ,, now that’s a fun word.. so much more cheery the “quitting”..

Quitting I would bet to say is the single greatest thing that involves doing nothing to get the greatest rewards.. seriously . all you have to do to successfully quit forever Is not ever smoke again//
Guess I am going to repeat my self once more

Quitting forever is Not difficult to do.. it only takes forever!!

You know what a hill of beans is worth.. about the same as saying to the doc.. “Cancer Really.. huh.. I quit smoking once for six weeks…. Are you sure thous results are correct.. you know it might have even been seven weeks ,, and once another time for a month.. but that was back in 09 .. so yea,, that one might not count”

Sure , sure.. were all going to die sometime of something..
The thing of it thou,, is quitting forever may have the rewards for some to beat any damage already done to there body. And result in a longer life.. But No matter the time left you have on this bloody planet,, to stop smoking and to stay stoped results in a better quality of life, no matter the time span of it.

I have no meter and could really care less how many days I have not smoked,, I care how many days I have left to not smoked and all the things I can fit into thous days. Some maybe like today just a lazy Sunday writing off into cyber space.. but some will be
Sking down the mountain sides, or climbing trails threw the Rockies..holding hands,wishing upon falling stars
Skipping stones on beach pond.. fighting fish that don’t want to come in.. hugging a child, finding a quarter behind there ear. sharing in there smile , reveling in there amazement.
waiting on my grand son to be born
Walking my daughter down the isle..

I use to exsit in this wide wide world a smoker getting by ..
And to the magic in quitting I have found this:.. Now I live it with no boundaries.. I may live on shoe strings and sweet dreams, but so be it, The world has no limits to tie me down No more is my existence based on or revolve around Ramen noodles and smoking in the freezing rain . cowering under awnings standing in the huddle sharing a suicide pack. all crying foul ,, blaming the world for a gray tomorrow

Quitting is not hard to do..
Living the life of an addict is hard to do
Dieing the smoker, a death full of regrets is hard to do

Freedom is not leaving the cigarettes unopened and un bought on the store shelf
Freedom is living with no restrictions.. un chained . unshackled
From dependence and addiction

Quitting is not hard to do
Living a life of dieing in a crush proof prison built by big tobacco
That’s hard to do .

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